About me

^747C6CFE4BA9545CE3D1F5246C03DC2A29A61BFF8DAD232136^pimgpsh_fullsize_distrI feel like I’m always missing something.

Oh right, it’s you! And if you’re reading this now… I just want you to know that you are awesome!
My name is Greta and I am 3 in 1 – the baker, photographer and blogger behind Hungry Bae.

I kneaded my first dough when I was about 10 years old, however, my first dish prepared from scratch was simply pancakes with my mom’s homemade jam. I suppose that was the breakpoint, I fell deeply in love with baking, cooking and, of course, making something extraordinary.

Later on I developed a new trait – I began to think that not only must the food be delicious, it must also be beautiful. Now you know what keeps me driving – combining ‘yummy’ and good-looking. In addition, I could say that the most important truth I’ve learned during my journey is that when you do things from your soul, people really savor it.

When I was accepted to International Politics & Development studies I moved to a new city and started living with my beloved boyfriend. That was the second breakpoint in my life… Studies drove me crazy and day after day I asked myself what am I doing with my life (I have always dreamt about becoming a baker). Counting the time until getting home and locking myself in the kitchen to relief the stress was my daily routine. Then my darling said ‘STOP’ and, to make a long story short, everything I am today I literally owe to him. 

IMG_6921Such a pity my keyboard is not capable of expressing natural emotions and you can’t see my smile, because knowing that you are here brings me closer to a dream come true! Thank you, beautiful people. Feel free to contact me anytime, I am always open for new offers, suggestions, orders and relations.
Thanks for swinging by! Lets do some badass baking!
I am baking, I am creating, I am Hungry Bae.